Always being mobile with your hands free

Your baby is safe, your hands are free and you are mobile. Thus, you can do some work, go shopping to your heart’s desire or cuddle with siblings.

Quality time for you

When your baby sleeps in your arms, you can also relax

Carrying is good for all of you

Not only fathers enjoy nearness; adoptive parents can also feel their little one very close and thereby enhance bonding. Smelling and feeling: carrying fills up the senses of you both.

Small & compact

The sling is your straightforward companion, it can be folded to small sizes and it can be easily stowed away.

Pure love and confidence

The basic need for nearness and shelter as well as your bonding are met and marked.

Good for health

In case of flatulence, colics, in the spread-squat position of the legs, for the sense of balance, for love and the spirit of discovery – being carried promotes the physical and the mental development.

Wherever you go

Your baby experiences everything with all senses and without overstimulation – and they are always with you.