Baby weighing bag Darjeeling pastelgreen
Item number: wt-j-darlin

Baby weighing bag Darjeeling pastelgreen

Item number: wt-j-darlin
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Be aware that your precious stays safe, warm and healthy. This weighing bag for newborns is essential for midwives. You can use it in combination with a weighing scale for weihging your baby.

  • without leg cut-outs
  • Low tare weight (ca. 70g)
  • Long, solid straps to attach to a baby weighing scale.
  • Manufactured without internal stitching.
  • Smoothly strechable, with the crosswise elastic fabric it adapts to the soft body of the baby firmly.
  • Colours are fixated due to the colouring of the yarn before the woving of the the natureal finished yarn.
  • Weighing bag with stripes are woven in a special cross twill Binding.
  • Jacquard weighing bags are enhanced with patterns from both sides.
  • Manufactured from our baby sling fabric.

Pay attention on the right use carefully:

  • Is the suckling positioned properly, well protected and unable to fall out?
  • Are the straps attached to the scale properly?
  • Is a soft support pad located right underneath?

Further information:


ca. 100 % Cotton, tested for harmful substances (Fabric by baby slings HOPPEDIZ®)


washable up to 60 °C, no optical brighteners


Bag: ca. 58 x 34 cm, length of strap: ca. 55cm

Item number wt-j-darlin
Category Baby weighing bag
Measurements: 0,58 x 0,34 m; length of strap: 0,55 cm
Colour: green
Design: Darjeeling_pastelgreen
Fabric: Jacquard
Material: 100% cotton
Age group: Newborn

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