The fabrics for our slings are produced in India – without any use of child labour!

Most fabrics originate from conventional farming, but a part of our product range is wittingly offered from controlled organic crop (COC cotton).
The modern dye works with which we cooperate are state of the art and only use high-quality, harmless and heavy-metal-free dyes. After yarn dyeing, which guarantees high intensity of colour, the yarns are delivered to the weaving works.

Until 2007, our fabrics were woven by hand; since summer 2007, we have them produced by machines due to the required volumes. However, the preproduction of patterns for new collections is still done in the proven workshops of our master weavers using handlooms.

After a quality control in the processing facility, the endlessly woven fabrics are cut to size (including an addition for shrinkage).
In the tailor shop, the piece of cloth is hemmed, equipped with a label and the HOPPEDIZ® baby sling is finished. A thorough end control of all slings is done on the light table.

Since May 2005, our partner has been certified international ISO 9001.

HOPPEDIZ® works: 

  • in high quality
  • ecologically valuable and mindfully
  • for social justice

About COC cotton

Cotton from controlled organic crop is raw cotton from growers who do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers on the fields. Since the cotton is picked by hand, the use of defoliants is unnecessary.

We purchase our COC cotton directly from growers in India in order to prevent unnecessary transport. The production plant is SKAL certified.