Specially woven

The broken twill weave of our fabrics made of high quality twined yarns is evenly stretchable in warp and woof in both diagonals. The sling keeps it shape and will not wear out.

We use 100% yarn dyed long-piled cotton (i.e. natural yarns being dyed prior to weaving).

Non-irritating to the skin and saliva-resistant

Of course without heavy metals, non-toxic, without bleach and chemical agents.

After washing still in shape

Our baby slings are not pre-shrunk after weaving. This production step is dispensable as well as expensive, and causes unnecessary environmental pollution due to the resulting soap suds. For this reason, our slings are slightly longer than stated before the first wash, and only have the stated length after washing.

Useful even in the delivery room

The HOPPEDIZ® baby sling can also be used as an obstetric aid in the delivery room.

Outstanding quality

Our baby slings

  • Overall assessment of "very good" in the German magazine ÖKO-Test in both the 2005 and 2006 Small Children Yearbook.

Our test certificates:

Our Bondolino

  • "Good" from the magazine Öko-Test in 2016.
  • The BONDOLINO® in normal and COC quality has been awarded the TÜV/GS seal of approval and has received the overall rating "very good" by the Deutsche Hebammenzeitschrift, edition 02/2009.
  • Tested and certified by the Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/innen e.V. (IGR e.V.) "Ergonomic Product" for the first baby carrier.