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An appeal for donations for Hebammen für Deutschland e.V.

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  for a healthy and safe birth
  for the preservation of the midwifery profession
  for the right to a natural birth
  for political support
  for an international exchange

Eine Initiative zum Erhalt individueller Geburtshilfe

Hebammen für Deutschland e. V. is an association of midwives, parents, doctors and many other committed people. With their Erzählcafé project, they provide a nationwide exchange of experiences around birth.

They all share one goal: they want to preserve individual obstetric care in Germany.
And we want that too!

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Supporting midwives together

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Midwives can do more than assist births

They support and advise during pregnancy, accompany the birth according to the wishes of the woman giving birth, care for the newborn and advise the young family during the first weeks of life.

The profession of midwifery is not always adequately supported by the health insurance funds and their services must increasingly be paid for by the parents themselves.

From the earliest times, it was the custom for obstetricians to bring the children into the world and to accompany the mothers during this phase with much love and thought.


The midwifery profession is under threat

The first issue was the fees for professional indemnity insurance, which have risen sharply. This fee caused many freelance midwives to stop or change their work. 

Since then, more and more delivery rooms have been closed, midwives have been expelled from hospitals and home births, and thus the mother's right to self-determined birth, have been restricted.

Hebammen für Deutschland e.V is politically active through petitions, public relations work and campaigns such as the Elterncafé. 

And we would like to support this. 

political goals
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The Erzählcafé project

In order to make the dilemma of today's obstetrics clear and at the same time to set something positive & strengthening against it, the idea of a nationwide Elterncafé project arose.

The nationwide Erzählcafé project is all about our birth culture today, yesterday and in the future. The Erzählcafé connects generations and cultures. People who meet here want to listen, exchange and learn from each other. More than 170 cafés have already taken place nationwide and beyond, and the next cafés are being planned.

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