Wrong carrying

Many parents think that they do good for their babies when carrying them with their faces in the direction of movement. Even if you have seen this in the streets, it is wrong due to the following reasons:

No spread-squat position possible

The base between the legs cannot be pulled wide enough (the “spread-squat position” is not possible and thus, a round back is prevented). The legs hang downwards/backwards in an unphysiological way and can swing around.

Danger of hollow position

The baby’s back is not supported properly because it is being pressed against the stomach or the chest of the carrier and therefore, takes up a hollow back.

Support for baby’s head

The head of the little ones cannot be supported properly and it sways back and forth.


It is true, the baby can "look" forward, but due to so many impressions, this may cause overstimulation. If an uncertain baby now wants to make visual contact to the person carrying and cannot find it, he/she would start to cry.

Wrong pressure

The baby is sitting on the lowest point of the upper body, so boys are then subject to pressure against the testicles.


If you baby is very curious and cannot see enough when carried in the different front carrying variants please try the hip carrying and rucksack carrying variants. With these variants, your baby can look in “the direction of travel”.