Babytrage NABACA von Hoppediz

NABACA baby carrier- Test winner 2020

The NABACA® set: no compromises! The NABACA® is the most comfortable modular carrier on the market, which you can adjust absolutely flexible to all your needs. The baby carrier can be used as both a back carrier and front carrier. Especially when used as a front carrier, newborns and children are carried particularly close to the body and therefore to your heart. As comfortable as in a woven baby sling.

In addition to the two shoulder straps and the waist belt, two carrier panels in sizes S and M are included with your purchase. To enjoy carrying your baby even longer, the carrier panel is also available in size L.

  • Carrier panel small (S): size 50-68
  • Carrier panel medium (M): size 68-86
  • Carrier panel large (L): size 86-104 - sold separately
  • For the entirety of your individual baby carrying period.
  • The wide, padded shoulder straps and the waist belt can be adjusted flexibly to different sizes and are gentle on your neck and back.
  • A simple and functional carrying aid that will particularly delight fathers!
  • A detailed, illustrated instruction manual (available in several languages) is included.
  • You can also find additional video instructions here!
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baby carrier nabaca denim black test winner

Best Tested Stiftung Warentest

The baby carrier NABACA is the best half-buckle carrier ever tested.

Half-buckle carriers combine the advantages of full-buckle carriers (simple click fasteners) with the individual tying and adjustments of sling wraps. Stiftung Warentest has compared different half-buckle carriers with each other. The baby carriers have been tested for safety, handling, durability, and harmful substances. Full-buckle and half-buckle baby carriers and slings were tested by Stiftung Warentest based on European standards for baby carriers without frame. You can find the detailed test report in issue 01/2020 or directly on!

Only one carrier is fulfilling ergonomical expectations

The NABACA® from Hoppediz was found to be exceeding expectations ergonomically for babies and toddlers as the only half-buckle baby carrier in the test. During the test, particular attention was paid to the support of the head, the position of the back and the width of the seat bar, which is necessary for a correct spread-squat or M-posture. The M-shaped posture supports the maturation of the hips. The knees are at the height of the navel, just above the hips. The ergonomic suitability for parents of all heights was acknowledged positively, as the NACABA® is especially gentle for the parents' back.

Also at the forefront of safety

The NABACA® half-buckle baby carrier also takes first place in the safety category. When baby carriers are used, it must be ensured that babies and infants are secured against falling out. Straps must not be able to be opened by themselves or by the child. Shoulder straps must sit without slipping. For these reasons the Nabaca half-buckle baby carrier fulfills all these requirements.

Baby carrier without harmful substances

Cheap carrying aids can contain harmful pollutants. The baby carriers were tested for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), phthalates and other harmful substances such as flame retardants, formaldehyde and short-chain chlorinated paraffins as well as banned azo dyes.The result: Stiftung Warentest, mark 1.0.

Öko-Test "very good"

Öko Test sehr gut

Our baby carrier NABACA® Basic Set Denim has also been tested for harmful substances and posture. Öko-Test result: very good! The half-buckle carrier ensures healthy and anatomically correct carrying.

The best support

Special praise was given to the instruction manual included in the scope of delivery. In many pictures we describe the assembly of the baby carrier in a clear and understandable way. In addition to that, it was positively received, that we also provide information on all the necessary warnings to ensure a safe and pleasant carrying experience. You can find additional video instructions for tying the baby carrier here!

Top positions in all tested categories

This means that our baby carrier is not only the test winner 2020 of Stiftung Warentest. The NABACA® half-buckle baby carrier was awarded the top position in all categories. We are very delighted by the result, however, we are not resting and continue to work every day to make our baby carriers even safer and more comfortable, in order for our baby carriers to remain winners in upcoming product tests and more importantly, in the hearts of our customers. As a result, the wider sling-like WrapCon straps for the NABACA® are now available.

Verstellbare Babytrage von Hoppediz

Is the NABACA baby carrier right for me?

Comfort carrier, modular carrier or sling wrap: Your personal feelings when carrying your baby as well as the feelings of the child in the carrier itself are most important in choosing the right baby carrier. Some children don't want to be carried in one carrier, but have no problem with another baby carrier. The same applies to you: similar models may be perceived as having different levels of comfort. We would like to show you some tips and tricks to help you pre-select your baby carrier and make your decision easier. If you want to be able to put the baby carrier on quickly, you should take a look at comfort carriers. Especially if two people are carrying the baby, those hardly need to be adjusted at all. Without buckles, this baby carrier is basically as easy to use as a rucksack. Here we recommend the Bondolino comfort carrier. The Bondolino is the quickest comfort carrier to put on. 

Discover Bondolino now! 

If you have 15 seconds more time to put on the baby carrier, then you will be wonderfully comfortable with half-buckle carriers. Knotting the shoulder straps is quicker to learn than tying a sling and can be done in a few easy steps. If the carriers change frequently, e.g. you and your partner, or if you like to carry your newborn alternately in front and on your back, this form of carrier is just as advantageous. The advantage of the NABACA® is that the padded shoulder straps and the hip belt can be adjusted in different sizes with absolute flexibility. It can be used as a front or back carrier and comes very close to the feeling "like in a sling". The different panels and adjustable shoulder and waist belt lengths allow modular carriers such as the NABACA® to be adapted even more individually to the child and parents. This ergonomic carrier sits perfectly on the shoulder and waist and does not slip. 

Go for the test winner now: the NABACA® half-buckle baby carrier.

Does the height or age and weight of the child play a role?

It is important that the size of the baby carrier matches the age or height of your child. Regardless of whether you carry him or her on your back or in front. Many manufacturers offer extra models in different sizes. To ensure that your child continues to fit perfectly, you will need a new baby carrier matching your child's size. NABACA® can easily be adjusted with carrier panels in various sizes, ensuring you can keep your baby carrier.

Carrying aid or rather a pram?

There is no general answer here either, although prams and baby carriers complement each other perfectly. Baby carriers offer the physical contact and closeness needed, especially by very young babies, they also help avoiding over-stimulation. Baby carriers take up less space than a pram and you don't have to rely on lifts.

Modultrage NABACA ist Testsieger

Is the NABACA also available in other colours?

Of course the appearance of the baby carrier also plays an important role. After all, it should be used frequently and with pleasure. To accommodate parents' preferences, we offer all our baby carriers in different designs and colours.