Baby Carrier Hop-Tye Conversion

Hop-Tye Conversion

This carrier combines the advantages of a sling and a baby carrier! The hip belt and shoulder straps are knotted like a sling. The seat area can be adjusted with drawstrings.

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The Hop-Tye Conversion is the right choice for you if...

  • you love the cosy feeling of a baby sling..
  • you want to get along completely without buckles.
  • you're prone to suffer from neck pain.
  • you want to carry your baby from birth to walking age with only one carrying aid.
  • your baby is very sensitive.
  • you want a lot of lateral stability for your baby.

Tying the Hop-Tye Conversion

You love the cosy feeling of a baby sling, but don't have the patience to tie it? Then the Hop-Tye Conversion is just the thing for you! This baby carrier is closed by tying a knot at the waist strap, while the straps made of sling fabric are crossed at the back and then are knotted at the front. The adjustable back allows the carrier to adapt perfectly to your newborn, so that even very small children can be carried ergonomically and safely.

Find the Hop-Tye Conversion instructions as a free PDF here.

The difference between Conversion and Buckle

In comparison to the Hop-Tye Buckle, the Hop-Tye Conversion not only does without the buckle on the waist belt, it is also not so firmly padded, but flexible like a sling. In addition, the shoulder straps, which can be fanned out, are wider and slightly longer than those of the Buckle, while the back section for the baby is cut identically in both carriers.

The unpadded sling straps fit perfectly to your shoulder shape, so that the weight of your child can be distributed over the bony structure of your outer shoulder and nothing presses on the neck muscles. With a width of 28cm, the shoulder straps of the Hop-Tye Conversion also offer rounder shoulders or strong upper arms enough fabric for optimal weight distribution. With 30 cm extra length compared to the Buckle, even a very tall person can not only tie the knot under the child's bottom, but also support your child with the fabric of the straps. This gives you more lateral stability, support for heavier children and, if necessary, a wider bar between your child's legs. The Hop-Tye Conversion offers you maximum flexibility.

Made from sling fabric

The Hop-Tye Conversion is made from our beautiful sling fabrics, the robust cross twill with the classic stripe designs, or the smoother jaquard with elegant patterns.

All advantages of the Hop-Tye Conversion

  • usable from 2,5 kg - 20 kg
  • One size fits all: up to a waist circumference of 160 cm
  • Lightly padded leg cut-outs
  • Base adjustable through a drawstring
  • Back part can be shortened by a drawstring for the newborns
  • Headrest for shirring or rolling up
  • Can be upgraded to a half-buckle carrier with the buckle pad set
  • Supports your baby in an optimal way
  • Our step-by-step tying instructions are also available as a PDF file.
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