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about carrying

Simply select the sling length according to the size and stature of the person who carries the baby most often and the preferred tying technique. Feel free to contact us. We recommend tying options that are appropriate for the sling size and different sizes of clothing. 
2,50 m for hip seat, easy & quick tying. 
3,70 m for very small persons with normal weight or very petite persons. 
4,60 m classic length for normal sized parents or couples with size differences. 
5,40 m for very large parents and stronger persons.
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The first step you can take: get an overview on the page "baby carriers in comparison". We have created information pages about the different baby carriers. You can find these under Knowledge > ...about our products.

Please always carry your baby with the face towards your body! This is the only way to ensure the anatomically correct spread-squat position and to provide sufficient support for your baby's back. In addition, looking forward, your baby will be exposed to a stimulus satiation which it often cannot cope with.

about Bondolino

Please always carry your baby with its face towards your body! This is the only way to ensure the anatomically correct squat-splay position and to provide your baby's back with sufficient support. In addition, looking forward, your baby will be exposed to a flood of stimuli that he or she often cannot cope with.

The cross allows the shoulder straps to be brought into the correct position before you lift your baby into the carrier. This makes it easier for some parents to place their baby in the carrier or to grasp the shoulder straps behind their back, e.g. if their arms have limited motor skills.

This is actually one of the great advantages of the Bondolino over other carriers! The fact that it has no buckles, but instead the straps are crossed on the back and tied in front of the stomach (simple double knot) means that everyone can put it on the same way without having to adjust it.

Back pain can be avoided by placing the baby's centre of gravity in the right place. This means that the hip belt should be positioned so that your baby sits at about the height of your own navel, and the straps should be properly tightened so that the baby stays on your body even when you bend forward. As your baby gets bigger and heavier, it is usually more comfortable to carry him or her on your back rather than in front of your tummy.

The Bondolino can be handled by itself without any problems. As long as you are unsure, you can get help from a second person.

The Bondolino is approved up to 20 kg. At what age a child reaches this weight varies greatly.

Due to the long straps, the Bondolino also fits larger clothing sizes. For a waist circumference of 110 cm and more, a hip belt extension is available as an accessory, with which the circumference can be extended to about 140 cm.

The Bondolino can be used from about 3 kg. The flexibly adjustable base is always adjusted so small that the fabric only reaches the back of your baby's knees and the lower legs can hang down loosely.