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The woven baby sling

So versatile and comfortable to wear.
The classic way to carry a baby is with a sling.
If you want to try out all the carrying options and possibilities with just one carrier, then the sling is perfect for you.

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The woven sling is the right choice for you if...

you love flexibility.
you want to carry your baby from birth to walking age with just one carrier.
you have a very delicate baby.
you want an immediate, natural carrying experience.
you are willing to learn at least one tying technique and perhaps practice a little.
you would like to try out several carrying options.

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Tie the sling

Even if you find tying a baby sling complicated at first, you will find it easy and quick. Tying a sling is like tying shoes, after a while you can do it in your sleep! Our instructions will help you with this. Basically, you can do less wrong than you might think. To get an overview of all tying techniques, we have helpful instructions and videos for you!

The right sitting position

In order for your baby's hips to mature properly, your baby's legs should be in the so-called squat-splay or M-position. Your baby's knees are pulled up and spread approximately at the height of your child's navel. To ensure that the legs remain in this position, the sling should always reach from back of the knee to back of the knee. The baby sling can be adjusted to fit your baby exactly - as flexible as it is. In addition, your baby's back should be well supported so when bending forward your baby stays in physical contact.

All advantages of the baby sling

  • For the entirety of your individual baby carrying period
  • Made of 100 % cotton
  • All tying variations are possible
  • Supports your baby optimally
  • Thanks to the special weave the woven sling adapts to your and your baby's body
  • Perfect squat-splay posture for a healthy hip development
  • Comfortable and back-friendly
  • Different lengths available
  • All cloths have a width of 70 cm
  • Very detailed illustrated manual includedOur step-by-step tying instructions are also available as PDF