Trageschule NRW

The slogan of the Trageschule NRW is: "When holding a child they learn to resist and when carried they learn to endure." J.Prekop Bettina Attenberger is the founder and the face of the Trageschule NRW. She is an occupational therapist, mentor for SAFE (Safe Attachment Formation for Educators) and expert (not only) in the field of carrying and she has more than 20 years of personal, medical and educational experience. She offers individual and group trainings, theme days – also and especially for parents with children having special needs. If you are looking for a competent carrying consultant in your neighbourhood, you can find contact addresses at

Trageschule Hamburg

Counselling with heart!

Info text of the babywearing school:
Today, more and more parents want to carry their babies, but it is not uncommon for this project to fail due to lack of know-how and/or equipment. Our babywearing advisors have found their passion in advising on babywearing. With a lot of heart and commitment, they usually advise parents during the postpartum period and, if desired, directly at the family's home. Regardless of whether the parents want to use a sling or a baby carrier, our babywearing advisors give tips on both comfortable use and the purchase of new products. Our advisors are tested and "up to date" through online training, because we at Trageschule Hamburg® place the highest value on quality and topicality. You can find more information at:

ClauWi® Trageschule & Geschwisterschule

Since 1999, the ClauWi® Trageschule & Geschwisterschule has been training babywearing counsellors and professionals in the field of babywearing for premature babies, infants and children. The training is designed in a modular system that builds on each other. Individual modules can therefore be attended according to one's own (professional) interests. The carrying of children is subject to many different influencing factors and in turn affects many areas of life. Therefore, the training contents are characterised by a view beyond one's own nose and a commitment to a large whole. After completing the training, ClauWi® babywearing counsellors are able to guide parents independently and advise them individually. By learning about tying methods and carrying aids and understanding their mechanics, as well as the (anatomical) background knowledge of babies and the person carrying them, ClauWi® Carrying Advisors work independently, situationally and autonomously with families and accompany them on their carrying journey. In the training modules, they emphasise practical relevance, a lot of hands-on work and a high level of professionalism in the theoretical units. An optimal supervision ratio, quality before quantity, enables them to respond to each participant, to address different learning types and levels of experience and to release counsellors strengthened and confident in their everyday counselling work. The counselling techniques learnt in the training and the ability of counselling tying enable the participants to start counselling in babywearing already after the basic module. Further information is available at:

Trageschule Dresden

The Trageschule® is a worldwide network for carrying consulting. It started with accompanying parents for many years: empathetically, instructively, and with sound expertise. We were trained there to become carrying advisers, and since then, we recommend Die Trageschule®. It is the aim of the Trageschule® Dresden to build a network of qualified carrying advisers (independent from manufacturers) in order to facilitate carrying consulting and carrying courses in as many parts of Germany as possible. "Carrying advisers of Die Trageschule® help to find concrete and practical solutions for time with the baby: solutions that bring fun and feel good for all." If you are looking for a carrying consulting of Die Trageschule® in your neighbourhood you can find contact addresses at