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Primeo baby carrier for newborn babys


Premature and newborns
from 2.5 - 15 kg


The Hoppediz Primeo baby carrier is our full-buckle carrier. The carrier is suitable for premature and newborn babies from 2.5 - 15 kg. The hip belt and shoulder straps are closed with buckles. The WrapCon shoulder straps provide perfect weight distribution over the shoulders and neck muscles. The special feature of the Primeo is that the baby carrier can first be put on and then the baby can be put into the carrier. When your child is a little bigger (about 4 months old, when he holds his head alone) you can use the Primeo as a baby back carrier.

Buckle Baby Carrier


from 3.5 - 20 kg


The Hoppediz Buckle is a full-buckle carrier with padded straps. This baby carrier is suitable from 3.5 - 20 kg. You can wear the padded shoulder straps parallel or crossed. The special feature of the buckle is the two different positions in which you can close the buckles. So this full buckle baby carrier grows with your baby from the day it is born. Of course you can also use the Hoppediz Buckle as a front carrier, hip carrier and back carrier. Translated with (free version)

Hop-Tye Buckle Baby Carrier


from 2.5 - 20 kg


The Hoppediz baby carrier Hop-Tye is especially suitable for narrow shoulders. This carrier has extra wide shoulder straps made of 100% cotton and a waist belt with buckle for easy donning. The baby carrier is suitable breits for carrying newborns from 2.5 - 20 kg. The integrated hood can also be formed into a comfortable neck roll that supports your baby's head.

Nabaca Baby Carrier


from 2.5 - 20 kg


Hoppediz baby carrier Nabaca is suitable for newborns from 2.5 - 20 kg. The advantage of this baby carrier are its completely individually adjustable straps. The shoulder strap, the belt for the hip and also the carrying panel for the child are adjustable to the desired size. As your baby grows, so does your carrier. The buckle closure at the hip provides strong support. The Nabaca was named a test winner in the half buckle carrier category by Stiftung Warentest in 2020.

Bondolino Baby Carrier


from 3 - 20 kg


Hoppediz baby carrier Bondolino is suitable for babies from 3 - 20 kg. The Velcro hip belt makes it easy and quick to attach to your body. With the additionally available hip belt extension, the Bondolino is also suitable for large sizes. Instead of a buckle closure, the baby carrier has a practical Velcro closure at the hip. This baby carrier is particularly suitable when used by several people with different statures. For example, when the parents take turns carrying the baby.

Which baby carrier is right for you

Our baby carriers ensure a healthy posture for parents and child and thus relieve the back. The baby carriers are designed so that babies maintain the ergonomically correct squat-splay position. In this position, carrying is healthy for the baby and comfortable for you as the carrier. Our carriers are also very lightweight. The different baby carriers can be individually adjusted to your size with little effort. While tying slings requires a little practice, baby carriers are easier to handle. With the practical hip belt, you can put your baby on safely. Each baby carrier comes with detailed tying instructions. With these instructions you will quickly find the healthiest and most comfortable way to carry your baby.

You can wear our Hoppediz baby carriers either on your stomach or on your back. Just the way you and your child prefer it. For newborns, we recommend carrying on the stomach first. This way the weight is optimally distributed and the baby gets the warmth and closeness to the caregiver that it needs.

;As soon as your baby can hold its head on its own (from 4-6 months), you can use our baby carrier as a back carrier.

The extra wide belts for the hips are optimally suited for the different carrying positions, thus relieving the wearer. The straps of the baby carriers are super softly padded. Because your and your baby's health are important to us, we test every baby carrier for harmful substances. Stiftung Warentest has just awarded our baby carrier Nabaca the grade 1.0 for absence of harmful substances.

Baby carriers increase the closeness to the child

The beginning of the intimate relationship between parents and child is also called bonding. Every baby carrier and sling supports and strengthens this natural bond. Carrying the baby fulfils its basic need for closeness and security. The cradling and rocking permanently soothes the baby. It is also the most natural way to carry the baby.

Advantages compared to a pram

  • The healthy squat-spread posture is supported.
  • Stabilisation of the spine.
  • Children are calmer because they can feel their parents and their warmth and heartbeat.
  • Children can sleep better at night because they are not flooded with stimuli, but experience security and feel safe through the closeness to their parents.
  • When the children grow up, they want to walk short distances by themselves.
  • Without having to push the pram, you can concentrate fully on one child.
  • Your hands are free, so you can go about your daily life together with your child.

Belly to belly with your baby, cuddling for the benefit of your child with every baby carrier and sling from our Hoppediz range. The different carrying positions always give you all the options with your carrier.

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