Primeo Baby Carrier


the full-buckle baby carrier

The Primeo baby carrier is very easy to put on and use.

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The Primeo is the right choice for you if...

  • you do not want to tie knots.
  • you don't like long ribbons.
  • a safe feeling is very important to you.
  • you find closing an additional neck belt annoying.
  • your baby is very sensitive.
  • you're prone to suffer from neck pain.

Tying the Primeo baby carrier

The Prime baby carrier is even suitable for premature and newborn babies. The Full-Buckle baby carrier is easily clicked together with buckles on the waist belt and shoulder straps. The WrapCon straps spread the weight of your baby over the whole shoulder and back. From around 4 months of age, when your child can hold his or her head by itself, it is also possible to use the Primeo as a back carrier.

Easy and comfortable to wear

No long straps, no knots, just tighten the buckles and your baby sits safely and comfortably in the carrier, which also looks like a sling and feels just as cuddly. This is our new Primeo! Even the smallest (newborn) babies are safely accommodated here - without the need for a newborn insert! The crossed straps can be fanned out over the shoulder in a particularly comfortable way, to easen the pressure on your neck muscles. To make you feel especially safe while putting on the Primeo, you can put on the carrying aid without your baby, let your baby slide in and then tighten the easy-to-reach straps. We are honoured, that the jury of the Baby Innovation Award 2020 also found this so innovative that they nominated our Primeo this year.

First put on, then put your baby in

As first-time parents, handling the baby can be a challenge right from the start: How do I lift it, how do I hold it in my arms, is its head supported well enough? If you also have to operate a baby carrier at the same time, this can be too much. That is why we have developed a baby carrier that you can put on without baby and let your baby slide in safely from above, only then tightening two easy-to-reach straps on the Primeo.

Various carrying options

The Primeo is made of our particularly cuddly organic Jaquard sling fabrics and can be used as a front, back or hip carrier. To easily reset to your personal perfect setting, markings on the strap help adjust to different sized parents.

All advantages of the Primeo

  • Baby carrier for premature and newborn babies.
  • One size fits all: Up to a belly circumference of 160 cm.
  • Base adjustable through a drawstring.
  • Back part can be shortened by a drawstring for the newborns.
  • Headrest for shirring or rolling up.
  • 3-point safety buckle on waist belt.
  • Front and back carrier.
  • Markings on the belts for presetting.
  • Made from 100 % organic cotton.
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