Carrying accessories

Tragevover für Babytrage und Tragetuch

Babywearing Covers

for baby carriers and slings

In our versatile baby carrier cover collection, every family will find the perfect accessory to keep their baby close and protected in all weather conditions. From soft Polar fleece to sturdy softshell, our covers provide cosy warmth and reliable protection against the elements. Each cover is designed to effortlessly complement your existing wardrobe and is suitable for both front and back carrying methods.


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Gadgets for stress-free babywearing

Find the perfect gadget to optimise your babywearing and make it even more relaxed. Our selection includes everything you need: from neck rolls that offer your baby extra comfort, to sling rings for flexible carrying options, to shoulder pads that increase comfort for you. Our wash bags will keep your carrier looking new for longer and the lumbar support ensures a healthy posture when carrying your baby. The accessories can be easily combined with your existing carrying equipment.

Spare Parts


Because life happens

Sometimes, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, things can go missing. Not to worry, we've got everything you need to get your baby carrier back in action swiftly. Whether it's buckles, straps, or other small but essential components – here you'll find the right spare parts to make your carrier ready for use in no time.