Babytrage Hop-Tye


the perfect combination of baby carrier and sling wrap

The Hop-Tye is based on the traditional Asian baby carrier "mei tai". Like all our baby carriers, the Hop-Tye can be used from birth thanks to its adjustable seat width. You can carry your baby in front, on your back or on your hip.

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The Hop-Tye is the right baby carrier for you if ...

... you love the cuddly feeling of a sling.
    Hop-Tye baby carrier

    The perfect combination

    You love the cuddly feeling of a sling, but don't want to learn how to tie it? Then Hop-Tye is just the right thing for you! The adjustable back section allows the carrier to be perfectly adapted to the size of your newborn baby, so that even very small children can be carried safely and ergonomically. The cut of the carriers distributes the weight of the child to your outer shoulder, so that the sensitive neck muscles are completely relieved.

    Why are the shoulder straps so long?

    This gives you the opportunity to not only tie the knot under the child's bottom, but also to give your child extra support with the fabric of the carriers. This gives you more lateral stability, support for heavier children and, if necessary, a wider seat width between your child's legs. The Hop-tye Buckle therefore offers you maximum relief with minimum use of fabric.