Babytrage Nabaca

Nabaca - the modular baby carrier 

Only once in your life buy a carrying aid and adapt it again and again to new needs. With the Nabaca you can always adjust your baby carrier individually and assemble it the way you want it.

Nabaca Basic Set poplin denim black

The Nabaca is the right choice for you if...

  • you love variety.
  • you like to keep all your options open.
  • you have a very tender baby or your child is a little bigger.
  • you do not always want to carry the same design.
  • you plan to carry for a long time.
  • your partner also wants to carry and wants to adapt the carrier to himself.

Babytrage Nabaca Denim schwarz
Babytrage Nabaca schwarz
Babytrage Nabaca schwarz
Babytrage Nabaca

Tie the Nabaca

You can assemble the Nabaca so that the baby carrier fits comfortably and snugly. The carrying aid makes it possible with different back panels and shoulder straps to always be perfectly adapted to you and your baby. To get an overview of all tying techniques we have helpful instructions and videos for you!

The Nabaca always fits

Of course, all our carrying aids grow with the child and adapt individually to the size of the child. But the Nabaca can do even better: Because you can exchange the individually adjustable back parts, this carrier always fits absolutely perfectly; whether it is your former premature baby, which now accompanies you home with discharge weight, or your 2-year-old rascal, who still runs quickly tired and then has to be carried home.Since your carrying needs will probably change over this long period of use, the straps of the Nabaca are also interchangeable. If you prefer the cuddly Wrap-Con carriers, which - like our Hop-Tye - bring the weight of the child to the outer shoulder, the ergonomically curved and softly padded straps may be more comfortable if you carry your treasure on your back. By the way, our firmly integrated chest strap allows you - as the only half-hump on the market - to tie the carriers parallel upside down like a backpack and not necessarily cross them on your back. You have the choice!

Many different sizes and designs

So that it does not become boring to walk around for years with the same carrier, the back parts of the Nabaca are available in different sizes and designs. So you can always adjust your Nabaca to your personal look and you can show your colors without having to worry about getting tired of it. 

All advantages of the Nabaca at a glance

  • usable from 3 kg - 20 kg
  • One size fits all: up to a hip circumference of 160 cm
  • Exchangeable back parts, which are adapted in width and length to the size of the childpadded leg cutouts
  • Base can be additionally reduced in size by pushing together on the hip belt
  • Perfect spread-squat position for healthy hip development
  • Comfortable and back-friendly
  • Headrest adapted to the size of the child
  • Ergonomically shaped, padded straps with integrated chest strap
  • Foldable Wrap-Con straps additionally available
  • Safety buckle on the hip belt