Ring-Sling wrap

The Ring-Sling

The perfect everyday carrying aid for short distances

You can pre-tie the Ring-Sling and simply let your baby slip in.

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The Ring-Sling is the right choice for you if...

  • you want to use it for short distances.
  • you love the cuddly feeling of a baby sling.
  • your child wants to look in the "direction of travel".
  • you wish for an close and natural carrying feeling.
  • you would like to try out several carrying options.

How to use a Ring Sling

You can already use the Ring-Sling for your newborn (from approx. 3 kg). A big advantage of the carrier is being able to easily pre-tie the Ring-Sling. Once your baby is in the carrier, the sling only needs to be tightened once more. That is how quick and practical the Ring-Sling is.

Practical and at hand at all times

Always be involved: The world is big and exciting and is best explored from mum's safe arm! When the little ones become mobile, the fitness demands on parents increase. Up on the arm, down again and up again. In the long run this can be a real pain in the back. A Ring-Sling can be very relieving. Once you get the hang of it, the child sits on your hip in an instant and you can get on with everyday life together!

From newborn to toddler

Of course you can also use a Ring-Sling right from the start, even premature babies are very well protected in it. However, it only distributes the weight of the child over one of your shoulders so the weight is not centred. However, if you have ever held a 10 kg child on your hip with your arm, you will be grateful for any help. The Ring-Sling is also very small and light. Once threaded, the Ring-Sling can remain tied and is therefore ready for use. Therefore it is the perfect second sling that can be taken everywhere.

Various carrying options

You can carry your child in a Ring-Sling in front or even on your back, but it is most suitable for the hips. With its help, your child is very close to your body, so that the weight is closer to your centre and much lighter than carrying it on your arm. The lateral position allows your child to participate and you can do things together, whether it be everyday household chores or shopping together: physical contact offers security, especially in unfamiliar situations. In this way you two can discover the world in a relaxed way!

All advantages of the Ring-Sling

  • For the entirety of your individual baby carrying period
  • Made of 100 % cotton
  • Adapts to the baby and the carrier due to the weave
  • One size fits allAlso suitable for very small babies and newborns
  • Very detailed illustrated manual included
  • Our step-by-step tying instructions are also available as PDF