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Dolls baby carriers

Carrying dolls and doll slings are not just toys, but a way for children and parents to create a special bond. It fosters children's creativity, imagination, and empathy, and creates unforgettable moments for the whole family.

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Don't you just love watching your little ones carry their dolls around? It's so sweet to see them taking care of their favorite dolls and teddies, and wanting to take them everywhere they go. At Hoppediz, we understand the passion for doll carrying and have developed a great selection of doll carriers and wraps that are perfect for little doll mums and dads.

Our doll carriers are easy to use and provide an excellent fit for dolls and teddies up to about 40 cm in size. They are sturdy and carefully crafted to withstand daily use. But the best part? When your little ones carry their dolls in a Hoppediz carrier, they feel like real little mums and dads, and develop valuable skills like empathy, caring, and responsibility.

Our doll wraps are especially practical when it comes to binding the doll or teddy tightly to the body, so that the little ones have their hands free. They are available in different designs and colors and made of soft and breathable material that feels comfortable on the skin. When your little ones carry their dolls in a Hoppediz wrap, they will feel the close connection and comfort that only carrying in this way can offer.

Let your little ones take their dolls and teddies for a stroll in a Hoppediz carrier or wrap, and experience the joy in their eyes as they carry their dolls like real little mums and dads!