Baby slings are the most original way to carry your child

A baby sling is perfect for on the go. Whether you are hiking, on holiday or even at home, you have your hands free for other activities and your child is always with you. A sling offers a lot of advantages, especially for your baby:  

Using a baby sling satisfies your baby's need for closeness. Your baby is usually ready to be in a sling from the beginning, as grasping and holding is a natural reflex of the child.

In addition, the child assumes the squat-spread posture of its own accord. This protects the child's back and supports the spine during transport.

The high level of physical closeness that the sling creates calms your baby. Even with crying babies, adjustment difficulties and regulatory disorders can be significantly reduced by carrying them in a sling.

Your baby can never get enough of warmth and security. Slings strengthen the child-parent bond for years. Baby slings make it easier and more frequent for you to maintain eye contact with your baby. Your baby perceives your voice as it does in the womb. This so-called bonding strengthens the child's basic trust and empathy with other people. During bonding in the sling, more oxytocin is released, also known as the cuddle hormone.

Your bond can be further strengthened with our bonding tops for bed or couch. 

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Whether for premature babies, newborns or toddlers, we can help you find a suitable baby sling. When making your choice, you should consider the weight, size and age of your child. The size of the wearer is also important. Our different slings are suitable as follows:


Premature baby sling
from 59,99 €

The Newborn sling is a woven sling with an extra narrow cut for premature babies! Produced with just as much love and adapted in size to the needs. Specially designed for premature and newborn babies, so that you can carry your baby from day one.

Discover the premature baby sling now!

Elastisches Babytragetuch

Elastic baby sling
from 44.99 €

The elastic sling was developed especially for premature babies and newborns. It is an elastic and narrowly cut baby sling that optimally adapts to the small body. It is available in different sizes to allow parents with plus sizes to experience bonding. It is suitable for babies between 2.5 and 9 kg. Put your child in this sling from the beginning for their own good.

Discover the elastic sling now!

Gewebtes Babytragetuch

Baby Sling
from 54,99 €

The Hoppediz baby sling is suitable for babies from 3 kg and can even be used for toddlers up to 30 kg. It accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the carrying phase. You can carry your child with this sling in front of your stomach, on your hip or on your back, just the way you and your child like it best. The baby sling is available in over 30 different colours and different sizes. Most of the fabrics are made of 100% organic cotton.

Discover the classic baby sling now!


  from 54,99 €

The ring sling is suitable for babies weighing between 3 and 20 kg. The sling is quick to put on and even easier to tie with the help of two rings. Since the weight is on one shoulder, it is especially suitable for short distances. The child sits either on the hip or in front of the stomach. The Ring Sling baby sling is available in over 20 different colours and many designs are made from 100% organic cotton.

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Because health also plays an important role.

The gentle movements that occur when wearing a sling stimulate your baby's bowel movements. This reduces annoying colics.

Through the body heat of the parents, babies learn to regulate their own body heat better and faster. No matter whether it is a cold winter or a warm summer. By being close to the child, you will notice more quickly whether your baby is too warm or too cold.

Breastfeeding is also made easier. You don't need an additional nursing sling or shawl. Just take one of our slings or baby carriers. All of them are made of high-quality cotton.

The baby carrier as an alternative

You don't want to learn how to tie a sling, but you still like to be comfortable? Or do you often have pain in your back? Then take a look at our baby carriers: Baby carriers are quicker and easier to put on than a sling and have a stabilising hip belt that takes the strain off your back.

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Tips for wearing baby slings

There are many ways to tie your sling. Some techniques require a little practice. If you don't manage to tie the sling straight away, you can take a look at our detailed tying instructions or watch one of our videos. Each of our slings comes with extra tying instructions.

Tying instructions for slings can be found here!

Newborn babies are not yet very good at regulating their body temperature. But a baby sling or baby carrier will help them to do so.

Tips for the cold season:

  • If the skin colour is bluish marbled or paler than usual, your child is too cold.
  • The colder the temperature, the thicker you should wrap your child. However, pay attention to the individual needs of your child.
  • Wear your child under the jacket close to your body. Your body is like a natural hot water bottle in winter, but never too warm or cold.
  • Don't forget the hat, most heat is lost through the head.
  • Cover your child's hands with gloves.

Tips for the warm season:

  • If the head is red, your child is too warm, even if the neck is damp.
  • Cool down by undressing the baby.
  • Walk and stand in the shade if possible.
  • Do not forget sunscreen.

Avoid carrying the wrong way

Many parents think they are doing their babies a favour by tying them with their face forward. Even if you have seen it before with another slings or carriers (or in movies), this is wrong for several reasons.

Learn more about incorrect ways of carrying with slings.

Elastic baby sling
Elastic baby sling
Baby Sling
Baby Sling
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