Babytrage für Kleinkinder

Buckle Toddler

The Baby Carrier for Toddlers

Do you want to carry your growing child close to you even beyond their first year of life? Then the Buckle Toddler baby carrier is the perfect choice for you!

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The Buckle Toddler is the right choice for you if... want to comfortably carry your older child beyond their first year of life.

Parallel Running Straps

As the big brother of our little Buckle, the Toddler also has parallel running straps that are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable backpack-like feeling.

Buckles on the Back Panel

Unlike its younger sibling, the Buckle Toddler has buckles exclusively on the sides of the back panel. This allows the waist belt to take on the weight, making handling even more intuitive.

Arms in or out?

Thanks to the continuously adjustable length of the back panel, you can choose: active little ones who like freedom can take their arms out with the shortened back panel, while the 49 cm long back panel provides a secure and supportive feeling for those who prefer to cuddle.

Proven Headrest

The adjustable headrest from the Hop-tye Advanced and Buckle carriers is also used here and can be rolled up as a comfortable neck support or easily attached to the straps when needed. It's important to keep their nose free at all times.

The Buckle Toddler as a Front Carrier

The Buckle Toddler as a Back Carrier

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