The Baby Swing Hammock

Did you know that our babies are still evolutionarily programmed for the "Stone Age"? Lying still, motionless still means danger for them. They don't yet know that there are no more wild animals that could pose a danger to them. Nothing of the protective walls around them has reached them yet! Therefore, the attempt to put them down is often met with loud crying . With our great spring cradle, the chances are very good that putting them down will be more relaxed and calmer for everyone. Gentle cradle movement is what babies want. These make for a relaxed, safe and calm baby sleep. In the cuddly cradle sack made of pure, unbleached organic cotton, your newborn continues to feel as safe and wrapped up as in the womb. The padded lying surface made of sheep's wool and the natural materials in organic quality make it a perfect and ecological companion for many months. The special spring ensures an easy up and down movement and reduces too much swinging.

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Cradle, fastening, and frame - everything you need to know

The benefits of a cradle

Immerse yourself in the world of the cradle and experience its wonderful benefits for you and your baby. With gentle vibrations, it creates a soothing sleeping environment that helps your baby fall asleep more easily and sleep more peacefully.

In the cradle, your baby can feel safe and secure. The gentle movements remind them of their time in the womb and provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. The gentle rocking creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.

As a parent, the cradle offers practical advantages. You can keep your baby close while having the freedom to attend to other tasks. The cradle gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself or take care of other things while your baby gently sways in the crib.

The high-quality materials of the cradle ensure a comfortable and cozy lying sensation. The sleeping bag is made of 100% organic cotton from controlled organic farming. The mattress filled with wool has antibacterial, self-cleaning, moisture-regulating, and odor-neutralizing properties. This is made possible by the natural protective layer of lanolin that surrounds the wool fibers.

The cradle offers a wonderful combination of comfort, safety, and security. It is a reliable companion that brings peace and relaxation to you and your baby during the precious first months.

Experience how the cradle enriches the sleep ritual for you and your baby.

Fastening options

Whether you prefer a ceiling hook, a door clamp, or a sturdy 4-leg frame, there is a suitable solution for your needs. Attaching the cradle with the included ceiling hook is a popular option. With a secure and stable hook on the ceiling, you can firmly fasten the cradle, turning it into a suspended retreat for your baby. This method offers the advantage of allowing the crib to swing freely in the room, providing your baby with a gentle and soothing motion.

If you don't have the option to install a ceiling hook, a door clamp is a practical alternative. The cradle can be attached to a special clamp on the door, allowing you to easily move the crib into or out of the room. This is especially convenient if you want to use the cradle flexibly or if you're on the go and want to take the cradle with you.

For additional flexibility and mobility, a sturdy 4-leg frame is recommended. With this frame, you can set up the cradle independently of ceilings or doors. It provides a secure and stable base on which your baby can gently sway. This is particularly useful if you want to use the cradle in different rooms or if you don't have the option to fasten it to the ceiling or a door.

On the go with the cradle

Does your baby love their cradle? All parts of the cradle can be stored in the provided storage bag. With the door clamp or the frame for the cradle, you can take your baby's familiar sleeping place with you wherever you go.