The Baby Swing Hammock

Did you know that our babies are still evolutionarily programmed for the "Stone Age"? Lying still, motionless still means danger for them. They don't yet know that there are no more wild animals that could pose a danger to them. Nothing of the protective walls around them has reached them yet! Therefore, the attempt to put them down is often met with loud crying . With our great spring cradle, the chances are very good that putting them down will be more relaxed and calmer for everyone. Gentle cradle movement is what babies want. These make for a relaxed, safe and calm baby sleep. In the cuddly cradle sack made of pure, unbleached organic cotton, your newborn continues to feel as safe and wrapped up as in the womb. The padded lying surface made of sheep's wool and the natural materials in organic quality make it a perfect and ecological companion for many months. The special spring ensures an easy up and down movement and reduces too much swinging.

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