Our tying instructions for the baby carriers

Nabaca® - die Modultrage

You can flexibly adjust our modular carrier to your needs. Here we show you what is possible and how to modify your carrier.

Primeo® - die Neugeborenen Babytrage

Our first full-buckle carrier - usable from day one.

Hop-Tye® Buckle

Here we show you how to correctly tie your child in front of your belly in the Hop-Tye Buckle.


Our classic is easy to put on thanks to the velcro fastening and fits every wearer without any pre-settings.  But do you want to know how you can take your child out without taking the carrier off? What are the velcro points and drawstrings for? 


Just to do something with the child? Pre-tied, the ring sling is quickly ready for use. Also super practical for discreet breastfeeding. Here you can choose a tying method.

Elastic baby sling

Do you also wonder why the elastic sling is so dependent on the shape of the day? Sometimes it fits perfectly, then it's much too loose, or too tight...  We have a few tips for you to avoid the most common mistakes.

Baby Sling

You don't know how to tie your sling? Would you like to try out the tying technique for the back carry?