Baby Carrier Hoppediz Buckle

Hoppediz Buckle

The backpack baby carrier

The simple full buckle baby carrier can be used from birth and convinces with its easy handling and clean design.

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The Buckle is the perfect baby carrier for you, if.....

... you are looking for a baby carrier with buckles that fits right from birth.

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Introducing the Hoppediz Buckle

Parallel-running straps

Unlike our Primeo baby carrier, the Buckle features padded shoulder straps that are ergonomically shaped, similar to a backpack, and therefore worn more parallel to the back. The weight distribution is thus slightly different.

Buckles on the back

While in the Primeo, the straps are attached exclusively to the waist belt, in the case of the Buckle, they can be clicked in on the sides of the back panel over time. By decoupling the straps from the waist belt, more weight is placed on the waist belt and less on the shoulders. But why not buckle the straps exclusively on the back? As long as the baby's spine is not yet held upright by its own muscle activity, you can secure the straps to the waist belt to provide a natural and ergonomic posture for your baby.

Clean design despite many options

To help you keep track of the different options, the upper buckles are located in a side fold and are hardly visible as long as you don't use them. When they come into play, you can completely pull out the lower buckle strap, which is needed for the newborn carrying position, from the tunnel and store it in the carrying bag.

Headrest with many possibilities

The partially adjustable hood has already proven itself with our Hop-Tye Advanced baby carrier. When rolled inward, it takes on the function of our neck roll with ribbons and supports your newborn's neck without overly restricting the head, as your baby should be able to exercise their muscles and keep the airways clear at all times. If you tie the ribbons around the shoulder straps, you can even shorten the back panel for a perfect fit with very small babies. For older children, you can attach the hood ribbons to the adjustable hooks on the shoulder strap.

Only the best materials

For the Hoppediz Buckle baby carrier, we use durable fabrics made of 100% organic cotton. While a full buckle carrier requires a bit more webbing than other models, we have used only the absolutely necessary amount of plastic parts here as well. For the sake of our environment.

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Carrying methods as individual as your needs

Whether on the front, on the hip, or on the back, crossed or parallelly buckled - the Hoppediz Buckle offers you many options to wear it.

All the advantages of the Hoppediz Buckle at a glance

  • Baby carrier for newborns from 3.5 kg or pants size 56.
  • One size fits all: Up to a waist circumference of 160 cm for the parents.
  • Seat adjustable individually and continuously to fit the child.
  • Back panel can be shortened with a drawstring.
  • Headrest for gathering or rolling up.
  • 3-point safety buckle on the waist belt.
  • Front carry, hip carry, and back carry.
  • Made from 100% organic cotton.
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